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    What do our children eat in the canteen?

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Since the time when Pierre Perret sang “The pretty summer camps“ and the pleasure of eating there with friends, today more than 6 million young people, children and teenagers attend school restaurants and have more habit of self-service. But what do we find in these new canteens? Animators who offer the choice between two or three dishes, exotic menus on occasion. Brussels sprouts or spinach continue to rage, stashed under sauces and still repel schoolchildren. They often go back to the garbage so that 25% of each meal served would be wasted. In this book Sandra Franrenet reveals why canteens, where we have lost cooks and good taste, have become kitchens for warming dishes that are not prepared on the spot. A majority of communities now use a central kitchen or an outside provider. We do not prepare dishes for 1 school as for all the colleges of a city. “Today they use, for reasons of economy and practicality, funds of industrial sauce, full of flavor enhancers, additives, sugar and salt ... This is not good taste, nor for the health! “ Stop there! launch “Studio“! Everything is husked. By looking at what is happening for our children, we can be actors of their health. “The Studio“ - Catherine Salez receivesv Sandra Franrenet - production Yves Morin - re-télé

L’évolution de l’économie, la concurrence, le développement des nouvelles technologies, la mondialisation, expliquent en partie la floraison des partenariats, des coopérations entre les entreprises. A l’origine, le partenariat était principalement axé sur la relation entreprise fournisseur.

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