La Rochelle, L’île de Ré en vidéo

    What will happen this year?

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Every year, we make a perspective for the coming year, with Lionel Quillet, president of the community of communes. All the participants recalled the organization that was set up for the big national citizen debate. Today we are around 18,000 inhabitants, but we hope that the presidents would reach 20,000 inhabitants by 2030, thanks to the many social housing under construction. The community of municipalities is taking on more and more responsibilities, the sport for this year. As a result, the work was stopped following the breakage of a cable inside the bridge, preventing the 48-ton crane from moving to the Island, which will not be delivered until 2020. Mobility poses many problems. The department plans to develop a third priority and secure lane connecting the heart of Sainte Marie to the La Rochelle station, in three sections, south track on the Ile de Ré, a protected main road on a bridge and a protected lane on the ring road. la rochelle. Finally, if the president admits that the wind energy is not highlighted on the island of consent, it is necessary that the voltaic energy is implanted on the island of Ré in its architectural respect. “The Studio“ - Catherine Salez receives Lionel Quillet, production Yves Morin - ré-télé

«Le Studio» qui une fois par mois sera consacré à un opérateur économique sous une forme rédactionnelle à définir avec ce dernier.

La préparation d’un film de cinquante minutes consacré à l’île de Ré, à son territoire et à sa population tels qu’ils sont et non tels que les médias nationaux nous les donnent à voir chaque saison estivale dans des dossiers spéciaux.